PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan (3 years)

One of your greatest assets: Your Identity!

Protect it with the PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan!

Becoming a victim of identity fraud is a frightening, frustrating experience. It can happen to ANYONE at ANY time.

FACT: Identity Theft is the fastest growing and No. 1 crime in the U.S. In fact, ID theft happens every 3 seconds!

FACT: In the past 10 months alone, hackers have exposed the identities of over 120 million adults in the U.S. More than 50% of the adult population have been hacked, and most of them don’t even know it–yet!

FACT: Victims average about $6,400 in losses before they discover the ID theft, and 41% of those who did not have ID theft protection in place are STILL dealing with the issue more than TWO YEARS after discovering it!

FACT: The PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan for TripleClicks can give you valuable peace of mind and significantly reduce headaches, expenses, stress, and recovery time from ID theft!

Customized exclusively for TripleClicks members, the PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan provides THREE FULL YEARS of comprehensive coverage for your entire family–including a PROACTIVE monitoring system, a fully-managed family identity recovery service, and a $25,000 Service Guarantee–all for a one-time payment of just $179.

The PrivacyMaxx Protection Plan for TripleClicks

ID theft is about MUCH more than a stolen credit card. Stolen identities are used to fraudulently obtain medical services, commit crimes, acquire fraudulent documentation, take over your current bank or investment accounts, and obtain credit for which repayment will never be made, destroying your credit rating along the way.

PrivacyMaxx’s proprietary Identity Early Warning System monitors billions of public data sources to protect against ID theft and its potentially life-altering effects for victims.

In the event of ID theft, you’ll get direct access to a PrivacyMaxx professional recovery advocate, who will manage the entire recovery process for you and your family. In addition to handling the follow-up, paperwork, and phone calls for you to recover your name and credit history, your advocate will document, dispute and reverse all fraudulent transactions for all known types of identity theft. As an added layer of protection, you’ll also get 12 months of Internet Monitoring follow-up once you are back to pre-theft status.


The PrivacyMaxx plan provides proactive Internet Monitoring, fully-managed Identity Recovery service in the event an identity theft incident is detected and a $25,000 Service Guarantee.

Premium Internet Monitoring and Public/Private Database Address Monitoring: The Black Market Internet Monitoring Service proactively scans for sensitive personal information that is sold and traded on black market Internet sites and chat rooms. The service includes monitoring for credit card and debit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers, driver’s licenses numbers, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other sensitive information. The Public/Private Database Address Monitoring looks for changes to your personal information in public and private databases that could provide an early warning of an identity theft in progress.

Family Coverage
* Subscribing Customer
* Customer’s spouse or domestic partner
* All children under the age of 25 sharing the customer’s address
* All IRS dependents of the customer, regardless of age, who either share the same permanent address as the customer, or are in an assisted living facility, skilled nursing home or hospice, or have been deceased for 12 months or less.

Fully-Managed Identity Recovery: Restoration of a victim’s identity to pre-theft status performed by professional Identity Recovery Advocates.
* The heavy lifting is done by professionals, not the victim.
* Toll-free victim hotline.
* No exclusions of coverage
* Unlimited restorations
* No deductible
* Pro-active post recovery monitoring for 12 months

$25,000.00 Service Guarantee
* To cover the costs to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to help recover and restore identity to its pre-theft status.

IMPORTANT! PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection is only available to residents of the United States.


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eSpring Water Treatment System from Amway

“Independent validations from NSF International and Water Quality Association give consumers confidence. NSF standards exceed water conditions in the 48 countries where the eSpring water treatment system is sold.” Amanda Morgott, #Amway water lab engineer



— Amway Canada (@AmwayCanada) January 4, 2018

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Payoneer helps millions of businesses and professionals pay and get paid internationally – while saving up to 80% on payment fees and offers solutions designed to meet your needs.

Using Payoneer is helping me to get paid by companies abroad. Click here if you want to know how this can help you too!




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Welcome to the world of online research


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The Ultimate Ecosystem for Innovation

Join the Startup and Innovation Hub in Europe!

What you will find there :

  • Mentoring

    Work with international executives and serial founders for an ultimate boost.

  • Networking

    Get access to world-leading corporates in your industry and use an entire ecosystem of innovation to your advantage.

  • Equity

    Get exposure and present your business to a network of international investors on site.

  • Free Working Space

    Enjoy working in a unique and inspiring atmosphere among like minded people in one of Vienna’s architectural highlights

  • Individual Coaching

    Get all the one-on-one coaching you need and develop the skills relevant to your business.

  • Workshops

    Boost your startup with tailor-made trainings and work with leading industry experts.

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To all my visitors and customers!

Today I have started my second Crowdfunding Campaign and I am asking for your help assuming you of all my gratitude to you! Please, be sure that you are helping honest and serious people.

Here you can visit my Campaign

Thank you in advance for all the help we will receive!

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“Ten Survival Strategies for Entrepreneurs”

Few days ago I was digging through Business Know How site and I discovered this great article that I wanted to share it here on my site :

Ten Survival Strategies for Entrepreneurs

by Bill Lampton, Ph.D.

“Going to work for yourself is a huge step, and a sometimes scary one at that. Here are ten strategies that can help you survive and succeed in starting a business.

Sixteen years ago, I left the administrative career I had built for twenty-three years, and started my own business. Why? For some of the same reasons that attract other pioneers.

You want to be your own boss.

You want to unleash your creativity, which your current job stifles. You expect to double or triple your income. You are eager to implement your

lifelong fantasy. You lost a previous job, and you don’t want to face being downsized again.

Yet, whether you have taken that step or merely intend to, you’re afraid. You know former business colleagues whose new businesses failed.

Fear no more. I offer these guidelines for success.

One: Involve Your Family
Entrepreneurship will bring family changes, for sure. Your home office takes away the guest bedroom, and startup expenses strain the family budget.

From the outset, let every family member know what you are doing, why, and how it will impact them. Then listen. Solicit, and respond to, their advice. Welcome their objectivity, which you’re lacking in your euphoria.

Talk candidly about these changes before they happen, and you’ll gain valuable teammates.

Two: Network, and Keep On Networking 

In Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty, Harvey Mackay wrote: “If I had to name the single characteristic shared by all the truly successful people I’ve met over a lifetime, I’d say it is the ability to create and nurture a network of contacts.”

Mistakenly, during the first six months, I tried going it alone. The results were dismal.

Then I sought advisors, who helped me immensely, giving constructive feedback about my Web site, company name, motto, logo—practically every significant step. I still meet monthly with a group of my peers. We share marketing strategies, and even a few leads.

I encourage you to join civic groups, your professional associations (I joined the National Speakers Association), and start your own informal group.

Three: Master the Clock and the Calendar
Time will become your most valuable commodity. Treasure it, protect it, use it wisely. Decline politely when your Thursday afternoon golf buddy calls on a warm, sunny day.

Use time-savers like these:

  • Organize your work area, so you can find information quickly
  • Rely on a contact management program, such as ACT, to keep track of prospects/clients
  • Start each day with a to-do list, arranged in priority order
  • Limit the length of phone calls and meal breaks
  • Outsource work that others will perform well at a reasonable price

Four: Get Physical
To endure your long work hours, you must remain in top physical shape. Exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods, reserve adequate sleep time, take short stretch breaks, and schedule your annual physician’s exam.

I start each day with a one-hour workout at a fitness center. Rather than tiring me, the session ignites me.

Establish your own health-supporting routines. Stick with them five or six days a week, and you will enjoy feeling better, thinking more clearly, and having more energy.

Five: Nurture Your Spiritual and Emotional Needs
Remember to nourish the needs that go beyond the physical realm. Daily, you will need exceptional motivation, reinforcement, rededication, resilience, and sheer courage. Many successful entrepreneurs rely on sources not seen and touched.

For me, memorizing and repeating inspirational passages boosts my morale. Select whatever method brings you inspiration—meditation, reading, attending religious services, walking down a nature trail, or others.

Six: Get Technical
Most entrepreneurs don’t start out with administrative assistants. We are SOHOs—single owners, home offices. Then who does the correspondence, records, research, and filing? You do.

So if you are technologically impaired, or you’re somewhat competent but lack proficiency in Power Point, social media, blogging, digital photography, and even video production, enroll in a nearby course.

Seven: Become—and Remain—an Expert
Will prospects return your calls? Will appointments turn into contracts? They will when you demonstrate that you have mastered your field.

Expertise doesn’t happen by accident. Successful entrepreneurs read voraciously, attend conferences, interview leading authorities, explore their topic on the Internet, pursue advanced degrees, earn special accreditation.

And we don’t stop learning. “Continuing education” is a redundant phrase. To be educated means that we keep learning the latest advancements in our profession.

Eight: Hire a Coach
Presidents, top athletes, actors, authors, speakers, politicians, and industry leaders rely on coaches.

Ten years ago, I hired a coach to improve my marketing efforts. We worked together for three intensive months. With his help, I revolutionized the way I seek business. I consider his fee one of my wisest professional investments.

Nine: Spend Wisely
Friends told me the writer’s conference in Maui was one I must attend. I considered the cost, and went to a regional conference instead, where I learned plenty and kept my creditors happy.

Spending wisely becomes especially essential when we understand that an entrepreneur’s income, typically, is cyclical. We can’t let a highly lucrative month or quarter lull us into lavish life styles. Soon we’ll face months with less income—possibly even no income. Save cash reserves for those non-revenue periods.

Ten: Reject Rejection
Yes, turndowns will happen, when you just knew your proposal was powerful, and your presentation flawless. How could they choose someone else?

In the words of Thomas Paine, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” The more you are rejected, the more you question your ability. Your confidence drops.

I suggest that you reject rejection. Realize that losing a contract doesn’t mean that you or your work are inferior. Somehow, there wasn’t a fit between you and the organization. Really, the company paid you a high compliment by selecting you for an on-site interview. That alone affirmed your credentials, programs, and product.

Think of the rejection as a rehearsal for your next potential client. Learn what you can from it, then go find someone who embraces the value your services will bring.”

Feel free to send any comments by completing the form :

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Flash Sales on Annual Plans  : 60% Off New Hosting + $8 Domains

HOSTGATOR is offering another set of great sales with a twist! They are offering 60% OFF New Hosting Plans of 12 months or LONGER + $8 select Domains. Annual terms are great long term opportunities for customers to save money !

There are going to be two opportunities to take advantage of this deal, the first of which will be TOMMOROW, Tuesday August 16th and the second will be Thursday August 18th!


  • Sale Details: 3 HOURS ONLY! 60% Off All New Hosting Plans of 12mos or longer + $8 select Domains, use code: AUG16FLASH. 8/16 from 11am – 2pm CT!
  • Coupon Code: AUG16FLASH
  • Sale Begins: Tuesday, August 16th at 11:00am CT
  • Sale Ends: Tuesday, August 16th at 2:00pm CT


  • Sale Details: 3 HOURS ONLY! 60% Off All New Hosting Plans of 12mos or longer + $8 select Domains, use code: AUG18FLASH. 8/18 from 11am – 2pm CT!
  • Coupon Code: AUG18FLASH
  • Sale Begins: Thursday, August 18th at 11:00am CT
  • Sale Ends: Thursday, August 18th at 2:00pm CT

Enjoy the offer and feel free to let a comment :


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